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How your business data can evolve with Datafi

Datafi provides a Unified Data Platform for business teams. It integrates data siloes, it unifies data security and it enables self-service data workflows for the unique requirements of business users to easily find, use, and share the business information they need. Customers deploy Datafi to expand their organization’s data capabilities and empower more people to make fast and better data-driven decisions. With Datafi, data anywhere is easily accessible and meaningful for everyone.

Centralized controls for data security & privacy

Know for sure how your data is accessed and how your data is used. Data-forward organizations know the value of enabling their data to drive new business outcomes, this starts with enabling data access in a simple and secure way.

Increase your organization's data literacy

Novel uses of business data can drive new business outcomes and organizations that increase their data literacy are more likely to discover the data-driven insights that create new outcomes to better serve their customers.

Unified view of your data landscape​

Modern data organizations have data that lives everywhere and increases at a velocity that create new business challenges. The ability to know where data lives and connect across data is essential for digital transformation.

Cloud platform to connect operational and analytics data

The Datafi cloud enables you to connect with all your data wherever it lives, either on-prem, third-party SaaS data or data that lives in the cloud. The Datafi platform supports multi-domain architectures so you can connect with your data anywhere.

Simplify your data pipeline across apps

Power your data analytics, machine learning and modern data applications with the ability to unify data pipelines and workflows. Knowing what data is available and how best to use it is essential for building data pipelines that drive value.

Virtually limitless scale and performance ​

As a cloud platform, there is virtually limitless performance and scale capabilities available to drive the most demanding modern data workload while connecting all your data sources. The potential to unlock new value from your existing data is limitless.

A data platform your whole business will love.

Simplify the things that make it difficult to safely use business data. Datafi provides data management and business intelligence to enable everyone in your organization to have access to the information they need.

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Do more with your data from where it lives

Datafi connects directly to any /n business data source and provides essential security and privacy at the point of access. Now anyone with basic spreadsheet skills can discover the data they need and create useful reports, dashboards, and applications all without SQL or coding skills. Businesses at any scale, from small to large gain new insights and become more effective data-driven organizations by enabling everyone to simply and secretly find, use, and share the business information they need.

Enable Your Cloud Data with Security and Privacy for Everyone

The simplest and least expensive way to do more with your data directly from where it lives.

What a few of our customers are saying about Datafi

These customers are moving beyond the limitation of information silos, data governance risks, and data tools designed for a technical users with Datafi. Empowering end-users with self-service access not possible from existing complex data solutions while freeing their technical resources to work on other business priorities.

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"The Datafi team is changing the “data” game. Over the years, there have been many innovations to help organizations leverage their data. However, the work needed to derive value from data successfully remains significant. Increased regulations, the explosion of data sources, the complexity of tools, and security concerns have kept data out of the hands of most who need access. Datafi addresses these barriers and more."

Brian Cheney

Brian Cheney

xCIO Nintendo

"Valuable business data is growing exponentially, yet it is increasingly challenging for large companies, much less small and medium-sized ones, to access and turn their data into insights and decisions, data tools like Datafi democratize that data and allow companies to really own their data and use it how they want to."

Kari Escobedo

Kari Escobedo

SVP, Information TechnologyThe Seattle Mariners
The Seattle Mariners

"The data landscape has rapidly evolved thanks to the power of the cloud. Yet one thing remains the same, businesses continue to seek out new methods to win with data. A solution like Datafi is uniquely suited to help enterprises discover and enable new uses of data for everyone. The solution takes a fresh look at how to connect data where it lives through their data mesh architecture and the ease of developing no-code applications. The ability to create a unified view of data with a holistic security approach is what will finally enable organizations to do more with their data."

Reza Nazeman

Reza Nazeman

xCIO SAP Concur

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